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Thai Soojung Glass is the leading Thai manufacturer of opal glass tableware. Our glassware design is renowned for its elegance, beauty, and quality. It is a unique translucent and opaque glass. The glass colour is beautifully white as known as “White Glass” or “Milk Glass”.  The elegant and high quality plates are also detailed with gold around the edges making them the first and only of their kind in the world (Glass gold rim).
We offer a wide selection of table opal glassware items that can also be exclusively produced and customized to fit the design needs of your modern home and everyday life style. Many products are available as your choice such as plates, bowls, casserole dishes, cup and saucers. We can also offer you in Dinnerware Set (Dinner set for 6 people and 12 people), Giftset, New Year Giftset and Premium giftset.
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